A Meeting in Seville

An original romantic comedy by Paul Mendelson based on the BBC Radio 4 play. Developed by Whistling Thorn Films between 2009 and 2013


William Sutherland (mid 40’s) and his feisty Spanish wife, Luisa, are spending their 25th wedding anniversary in Seville. Their marriage is on the rocks. However, by some momentous kink in the curve of time, William and Luisa actually encounter their twenty-five-years-younger selves. In this edgy, heart-warming yet real romantic comedy William discovers by accident that he can change the past! Could this be it? Could he alter reality and turn their marriage into something so much better than it was? But when he wakes up in his "alternate" present he discovers he isn't married to Luisa at all!

About the writer

Paul Mendelson has written extensively for both television and radio. He created the BAFTA-nominated May to December for BBC1 (6 series) and wrote Pigsty for BBC Children. He went on to create the BBC1 series So Haunt Me and the hugely popular My Hero (51 episodes). In 2006 he wrote the acclaimed Losing It, a film for ITV produced by Clerkenwell Films and starring Martin Clunes, which was nominated for the Televisual Best Writing Award. Paul wrote the Radio 4 plays I am I said (Pick of the Week), Fireworks at the Villa Lucia and A Meeting In Seville. He has adapted the latter into a screenplay which is currently in development with Whistling Thorn Films.

Paul recently originated the new Dreamworks Animation/Fox series Neighbours From Hell, broadcast on TBS in the US. He has written two new US pilots with LA screenwriter Alan Moscowirz, and is also developing comedy and drama projects with Kellem Productions, Liberty Films, Carnival, BBC, Clerkenwell and his own production company Full Moon Films.


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