Driving over Lemons

Title: Driving over Lemons
Status: In development
Genre: TV comedy-drama series
Production Companiess: Whistling Thorn Films Ltd and Chrysalis Vision
Producer(s): Lou Spain & Stephen Marsh

Director: Andy de Emmony (Him, Stan Lee's Lucky Man)

Logline: "Life gets tough and a little wild, but it also gets good"

This 60-minute comic drama provides a fresh take on modern migration. It's a wry, heart-warming and timely antidote at a time of uncertainty in Europe. Driving over Lemons is the "Good News" story about migration. And it reminds us that when new cultures and ways of life integrate, although life gets tough and a little wild, it can also get good.

The story begins in the 80's, just after the signing of the Maastricht treaty. The European borders are open and for the first time in history, hundreds of millions of people are free to live anywhere in the search for a "better life." For Chris and Ana that "better life" compels them to sink their entire, and somewhat meagre, savings into an ostensibly insane investment - El Valero, a dilapidated peasant farm in the rugged Alpujarran region of Southern Spain.

There's no turning back. There's also no running water, no electricity, and no access road to the farm. And these aren't their only problems. The peasant they bought it from also appears to have no intention of moving out. So, it's no wonder that Chris hesitates before driving over the lemons that cover the road on his first journey to El Valero.

Adapted from four international best-selling books, and set over three decades, Driving over Lemons charts the triumphs and tragedies, the laugh-out-loud adventures of Chris Stewart (the eternal optimist) and his wife Ana (the more pragmatic one) as they strive to be true to their principles of self-sufficiency, and their passionate desire to not leave a footprint on the environment. 

Book reviews:  
"Funny, affectionate, no hint of patronage, a true portrait of people and place.... Tuck it into your holiday luggage and dream." The Daily Mail

"A wonderful antidote to modern electronic life. I love this book." Peter Mayle

"When an author is as modest and humorous as this, his story cannot be told too often." Elizabeth Buchan, The Times

"Exquisite... in Driving Over Lemons the anecdote flourishes once more." Penelope Lively, The Daily Telegraph

Chris Stewart’s Blog: http://drivingoverlemons.co.uk/blog/
Chris Stewart’s website: http://www.drivingoverlemons.co.uk


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