The Yellow Wallpaper

Written by Lou Spain

The story charts three women’s parallel journeys, across different eras, their struggle with depression and the conflicting demands of work and motherhood, each of them interconnected by an insidious and strange yellow wallpaper, a morbid social pattern that threatens to entrap them all.


When a young care worker, Julia, helps a cantankerous elderly academic in her care, Elsie, to trace her birth family, lost diaries reveal a chilling tale of Elsie’s family past and her estranged grandmother’s forced confinement to a yellow wallpapered room after childbirth. As parallel tales unfold between the young woman’s descent into madness in the yellow wallpapered room and Julia’s struggle with post natal depression, we realise the tortuous patterns of the yellow wallpaper that drove Elsie’s grandmother mad continue to wind their way insidiously into all of their lives...with devastating consequences.

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